We are proud to bring this amazing “in the hand” trick to our customers. Take a real 10 $ bill and place it on your palm. It animates and slowly starts moving and folding! It actually folds itself into a small packet. Very visual. The audience will not believe their own eyes! You receive the trick with playmoney, but you can change it and use a real bill.

This is a stunning effect. The audience, from a deck of cards, selects 3 cards. These cards are then replaced into the middle of the deck. The deck can be spread to show that it contains no mechanical devices. The deck is then placed on the palm of the magician. Now the deck slowly starts to move from side to side leaving three cards sticking out of the deck. When the three cards are turned around it is the three selected cards! A ghostly trick.


Three pearls on two pieces of string are shown. Get two spectators to hold either ends of the strings. Watch carefully! Tie a knot with the strings on top of the pearls and give the ends back to the spectators. So far so good! Ask them to hold on to the ends tight and not to let them go! With your left hand cover the pearls for a second. When you open your hand the pearls are FREE of the strings! The spectators are still holding the strings.

A real mystery of the Orient. A truly amazing trick. Don’t leave your home without it! The performer brings out a roll of sewing thread and pulls of about 10 small pieces. These small pieces are rolled into a small ball, which is attached to the middle of the last little piece. When the magician pull the ends of the small piece all the small string magically becomes one long piece of sewing thread. A real mystery!

A small starter pack of long balloons to make those cute animal-balloons. We have included instructions for a few balloon-animals to get you started. 50 pcs of long balloons in assorted colors.

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A fantastic trick, which is popular all over the World. You catch what seems to be a small ball of light in midair. You can make this ball of light jump from one hand to the other and can even make the light disappear or multiply if you like! Place a lightball in your hand and it magically disappears. Catch a new one a place it into your pocket or throw it into the air where it disappears. Incredible what electronics can do for magic tricks. You can learn it within minutes and join the thousand of magicians who have already purchased the Magic Lightballs.

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Learn to do magic tricks with this easy to use kit. Comes complete with 5 magic tricks. Read more now.

Max is a funny little magical jellyfish. You put him into a bottle full of water. With help of a bit of magic you can make him move up and down or even spin around. On your command he will stop in the middle of the bottle.

This trick will make your audience believe that you have X-ray eyes! No preparation needed! You can even repeat the trick. A die is placed on the table, so that it can be examined. It is then placed into a cylinder and the number on top of the die is remembered. It is now placed into another cylinder, which is also closed. Although the magician hasn’t seen the number on top of the die, he is able to immediately tell the correct number.

Most magicians nowadays perform magic with money, therefore we have come up with this gem. A 10 $ bill and a 20 $ bill are shown and folded into each other. You ask a spectator to wave a magic wand over the bills. As soon as he has done this it seems as if the 10 $ bill melts right thru the 20 $ bill. It actually seems as if one bill is pulled right thru the other. It is mind boggling! I am sure you will love it!


Contain:1 Deck Original Bicycle Poker Blue or Red Regular Bicycle Playing Cards Rider Back Standard Decks Magic Tricks Free Shipping

Everybody needs round balloons. Use them for birthday parties, magic shows and decorations. You get 50 pcs in assorted colors.