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This is probably one of the most popular rope tricks in existence. You can find dozens of variations of this trick.

Three ropes of different lengths are displayed. All of a sudden they change into three ropes of the same length. Just by blowing at them and pulling the ends apart at the same time the magic happens. They instantly turn back into three ropes of different length.

The trick is always ready to be performed; no preparations, and the ropes can be handed for examination. Now you can do it too!


Colourful effects are always great for magic shows. Here is one of the classics, which have been turned into a colourful trick. Three pieces of ropes in different lengths, but different colors; red, green and blue, are displayed. You now place all the rope ends in your hand and with a magical blow they all become the same length and they are still different colors.

Use these smal heartshaped ballons for your creations or to impress your girlfriend. Use them to make flower and balloon-animals. Bag with 25 pcs.

Watch Sparky the magic firefly magically fly from hand to hand. Catch Sparky the magic firefly in on the air and see how it glows in your hand. You can even catch one in each hand. Is it alive? Is it a real firefly? Using a secret magic trick you can make it look as if you have a Magical Firefly. He can even pass through objects.


This is the most popular deck of cards we have ever made! The idea is incredible. This deck can simply do MIRACLES! You show a well shuffled deck of cards, and let a spectator freely take a card, for instance the 9 of clubs. Ask him to pick another card; it’s the 9 of clubs again. Never mind how many times he tries NOT to pick the 9 of clubs, he WILL pick it! Place the 9 of clubs on top of the deck, just by knocking at it, it will penetrate the deck and arrive at the bottom of the deck. Or transform the entire deck into the 9 of clubs, seconds later they will all be normal cards again! Looks like an ordinary deck of cards. You can learn how to do many tricks with the deck in 5 minutes. The instructions include 10 different tricks you can do with the deck, and surely you can think of many more.

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The magician shows 2 jokers from a deck of cards, and explains that these 2 jokers have Magic powers. Now he places one joker on top of the other. He then says a magic word. When he spreads them out again, there is a banknote between the 2 jokers. The banknote is real! Any money can be used. The trick is very easy to do.

The Magician is smoking a cigarette, then all of a sudden he puts it into his fist and closes his hand around the cigarette. Now he blows some smoke onto the fist and when it is opened the cigarette has disappeared. It is easy to use and only takes very little practice.

The deck is incredible! Separate the cards into red and black by just shuffling the cards a few times. Or have all the Aces turn up at the top of the deck. Instantly find a spectators freely selected card. It is one of the most baffling decks of cards you will ever own. Comes with instructions for 10 different tricks you can do with the Wizard Deck. Also know as the Stripper Deck. Turn half of the deck face up and the other face down and mix them. In a matter of seconds you will separate them again. Perform like a professional and amaze your friends without years of practice!

During the course of your act you might be using silks. So why not let it disappear in the most mystical way? You simply close your left hand and place the silk into it. When you slowly open the fingers one by one the silk will have disappeared! Where? In the other hand, but no, it can be shown empty as well. This is an amazing effect. Instead of a silk, you can use many other small objects.

Wacky – The Magic Worm- This is the most popular item we manufacture. Wacky is sold all over the World. You simply have to have one of the cute little magic worms. It moves using an invisible magic trick.


Wacky – The Magic Worm- This is the most popular item we manufacture. Wacky is sold all over the World. You simply have to have one of the cute little magic worms. It moves using an invisible magic trick. This Christmas Pack inlucdes 6 pcs of Wacky for only 499 + 1 Free Wacky Worm.


A reputation builder! The magician shows 4 identical cards and a different card, which we will call the Wild Card. Let’s presume that you have 4 pieces of 9 of clubs and the Wild Card is the ace of spades. Place the four 9 of clubs on the table and simply by touching them with the ace of spades they all transform into the ace of spade. Now all 5 cards are identical. They are all the ace of spades. Only 5 cards are being used.