Magic Tricks, which are best performed on a stage.

This one has got a completely new touch to it, and it cannot be compared with any other absorbing newspaper. You casually look thru a newspaper showing all the pages, but you think the news look a little dry, so why not pour a glass of wine into it? You fold the newspaper and pour the wine into it. Nonchalant you unfold the newspaper -the wine has gone-and read it once more, if this amazes the spectators, then the next is going to make them go wild! Take care, — you turn the newspaper around until it is upside down, and there is still no wine, and you can show all of the pages! If you do get thirsty, you turn the newspaper into normal position, and pour a glass of wine from it!!! We guarantee you will like this! Comes with a newspaper and reusable gimmick.

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A fantastic trick, which is popular all over the World. You catch what seems to be a small ball of light in midair. You can make this ball of light jump from one hand to the other and can even make the light disappear or multiply if you like! Place a lightball in your hand and it magically disappears. Catch a new one a place it into your pocket or throw it into the air where it disappears. Incredible what electronics can do for magic tricks. You can learn it within minutes and join the thousand of magicians who have already purchased the Magic Lightballs.

Watch Sparky the magic firefly magically fly from hand to hand. Catch Sparky the magic firefly in on the air and see how it glows in your hand. You can even catch one in each hand. Is it alive? Is it a real firefly? Using a secret magic trick you can make it look as if you have a Magical Firefly. He can even pass through objects.

The Magician is smoking a cigarette, then all of a sudden he puts it into his fist and closes his hand around the cigarette. Now he blows some smoke onto the fist and when it is opened the cigarette has disappeared. It is easy to use and only takes very little practice.

During the course of your act you might be using silks. So why not let it disappear in the most mystical way? You simply close your left hand and place the silk into it. When you slowly open the fingers one by one the silk will have disappeared! Where? In the other hand, but no, it can be shown empty as well. This is an amazing effect. Instead of a silk, you can use many other small objects.