Svengali Deck

This is the most popular deck of cards we have ever made! The idea is incredible. This deck can simply do MIRACLES! You show a well shuffled deck of cards, and let a spectator freely take a card, for instance the 9 of clubs. Ask him to pick another card; it’s the 9 of clubs again. Never mind how many times he tries NOT to pick the 9 of clubs, he WILL pick it! Place the 9 of clubs on top of the deck, just by knocking at it, it will penetrate the deck and arrive at the bottom of the deck. Or transform the entire deck into the 9 of clubs, seconds later they will all be normal cards again! Looks like an ordinary deck of cards. You can learn how to do many tricks with the deck in 5 minutes. The instructions include 10 different tricks you can do with the deck, and surely you can think of many more.

SKU: 1008